Why wouldn't aztec children be late to or miss school meme?

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189 people helped. Answer: The elders took them to and from school everyday. Why wouldn't Aztec children be late to (or miss) school? floating gardens that grew corn, beans, squash and raised animals. Explanation:
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Every child in the Aztec empire had to go to school. That included boys, girls, and slaves. There were different schools for different classes of people. The rich went to one school, the poor another. Boys and girls did not go to the same school. But whatever school they attended, school was tough.
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Aztec children played with marbles, stones, and the bow and arrow. When they became teenagers, they might play Ullamaliztli --the legendary Aztec ball game--and the board game Patolli. Learn more about games for Aztec children. Aztec children also learned the deep importance of music, which permeated the entire culture.
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The ordinary Aztec children went to a school called a telpochcalli. They learned about history and religion but also about music and dance. When they were older boys learned to fight. Noble children went to a school called a calmecac. They learned to read and write. (The Aztecs made paper from the bark of fig trees.
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Why? We live in a very competitive world. Brains are necessary, but not sufficient for success. By learning how to interact comfortably and confidently in a social environment, your children will reap lasting personal and professional rewards. Good manners will serve them well throughout their school years and as they enter the adult world of work.
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